IGTool '96: Administration tool for Infogroep

This was my first program that would actually be used by more people than myself :). The architecture of the program is distributed. One server manages all data, while a number of clients existed for different roles within IG. There was a 'permanentieClient', 'bookClient' and 'cursusClient'. The permanentieclient was used by everybody doing work at the balie. The program itsel fis written in C, with the nCURSEs (yes, *C*U*R*S*E) library. Most IO routines were written by myself. Together with the program came some .cgi scripts that could be used as procedural HTML.

Version 1.5 of the program is the latest of 1996. Version 1.6 of the program contains some fixed so that it works on the current ncurses library (2004)

Version 1.5 (.tar.gz) -- the latest version from 1996
Version 1.6 (.tar.gz) -- a version that compiles under the latest ncurses libraries

Some screenshots:

IGTool '97: Administration tool for Infogroep

This was the second design of the Infogroep administration tool. This thing actually suffered from a certain 'over'-design. The first layer of the application was java. On top of this we had implemented a scheme evaluator. In scheme we created a HTTPD daemon and logic for the webpages. Below the scheme code of the igtool can be downloaded.