Visit To Chile January 2008

5 January - Arrival in Santiago
6 January - Second day santiago - Visit of the parc in the centre
7 January - Third day - walk to the virgin
8 January - A Parc with Trains
Valparaiso - not much to see in this town
17 January - nEns gaat op tocht int stad
19 January - Visit to the mountains behind Santiago

Visit to Torres del Paine

A Pinguin Colony
Entering the Torres - Very windy environment
The first day - walk to the gletsjer
The second day - a lazy trip without goal
The third day - a long walk following a river

Visit to La Serena

On the road
La Serena and neighborhood - nice cosy city
Japanese Garden
Star gazing
Insects & fossils
Capel - the pisco fabricant.
A dam

Visit to Cajon Del Maipo

First day - road to and exploration in the desert
Hot water - springs
Night - fire and stars
Second day - Horseride to another gletsjer on horseback