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BpmDj and some High Level Concepts for Data Flow programming

Werner Van Belle1* - werner@yellowcouch.org, werner.van.belle@gmail.com

1- Yellowcouch;

Abstract :  This presentation was given at Pleiad to demonstrate the concepts I was working with. It contains two parts. The first part is BpmDj and was posed as a challenge: 'try to write this in a general purpose high level language'. The second part of the presentation took some problems from bioinformatics (E.g: an array of movies) and discusses a suitable actor model and presents a tree based memory model in which each object can be readonly. This makes it possible to make an efficient file system in which we can avoid duplicates, which can easily be distributed. The language itself is a functional language with mutator operators, which in generla makes it possible to use caching (memoizing) techniques.

Keywords:  tree based programming memory management functional languages bpmdj actors borg4 borgflow borgiv
Reference:  Werner Van Belle; BpmDj and some High Level Concepts for Data Flow programming; Presented at PLEIAD laboratory of the Computer Science Department of the University of Chile (Faculty of Engineering); Chile; January 2008