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Very Short Introduction to PROG

Werner Van Belle1* - werner@yellowcouch.org, werner.van.belle@gmail.com

1- Programming Technology Lab (PROG) Department of Computer Science (DINF) Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB); Pleinlaan 2; 1050 Brussel; Belgium

Abstract :  A presentation given in Leuven at the SEESCOA Kick-off meeting. It is a very short introduction to Prog and the Department Computer Science at the Universitry Brussels. Remarkable here was that I seemed to spend more time on the background than the actual content itself :) So just out of nostalgic purposes it is here. It was also not such a very good introduction to what the lab actually does, but anyway, we only had 4 minutes to make the presentation and 5 to present it. So, bottomline is: one background good spend :)

Reference:  Werner Van Belle; Very Short Introduction to PROG; Presented at the SEESCOA Kickoff meeting at the Catholic University Of Leuven; Belgium; October 1999