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Reanalysis of Histone Methylation and Acetylation Patterns

Werner Van Belle1* - werner@yellowcouch.org, werner.van.belle@gmail.com

1- Department for Biosystems Science and Engineering; ETH Zurich; Mattenstrasse 24, Building 1058, Basel; Switzerland

Abstract :  We present a novel technique to analyze coprrelation between multiple sequencing tracks. Our preliminary results show that repeat areas have a dramatic impact on potential correlation values as well that GC content has little influence in the overall result. Fragment extension to 160BP is a useful choice with this technology.

Keywords:  deep sequencing correlation analysis, sequencing by synthesis
Reference:  Werner Van Belle; Reanalysis of Histone Methylation and Acetylation Patterns; Presented at ETH Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, Research Seminars; Switzerland; December 2008
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Beware that due to multi-hits the presentated correlations are completely wrong.