Small Experiments with an IIDC digital camera

27/07/2006 - A tele-lens for a flea camera
28/07/2006 - A normal lens for the flea camera by reusing the lens of a consumer grade digital camera
31/07/2006 - A Fix for a Myopic Camera
07/08/2006 - A small movie on audio mixing with BpmDj. The trick in having good quality (low SNR) seems to be the amount of light.
09/08/2006 - Cloud in a Glass
06/09/2006 - Howto record movies through the vloopback device
05/10/2006 - A third, much better, lens
05/06/2007 - A fourth lens, based on a binocular
07/08/2007 - An experiment in which we use the camera to record mice on an elevated maze