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Often I have the problem that I don’t even know whether I saw a movie or not. This is a simple list of movie summaries.

Vangelis – Rosetta

Being a decades long fan of Vangelis has always paid of. In contrast too all yuppies who thought their latest eighties band was cool (it wasn’t, they can’t even remember their name), Vangelis has become one of those rare wines that aged well.

Although his mastering process is sometimes not quiet up to par (think the latest release of Chariots of Fire), in this case the equalization has been done properly. Some people do hear some distortion in some tracks, but I don’t think this has been the mastering process because it is only on specific synth sounds. In that sense it is part of the soundscape. Of course, the fact that people perceive it as distortion is maybe not so good.

Some of the tracks are too short. You just get to know the track and it is already over. I really do love a lengthy piece. One should after all take the time to enjoy music. How can you do that if he changes theme every three minutes.

01. Origins

The main theme, played on brass, throughout the CD reminds me of chariots of fire. But then played by someone who did not want to copy himself so starting from the third note the obligatory difference is there. And that is maybe the reason I don’t like the main theme that much. It is lacks inspiration.

The timpanis are better than on his older tracks. Less distortion. The wind sounds remind me of Vangelis direct. The synthy noises are typical Vangelis. Well designed and  beautifully add atmosphere to the track.

02. Starstuff

Opens with a nice combination of classic instruments (played on synth) and unnatural noises (of course played on synth). The hollowed out synth is a very nice touch. Although I guess some people will call this track ‘too typical’ Vangelis to be any original, one should not forget that few artists can make a sound that tells so much and is all patched together so nicely. Maybe the ‘problem’ with this track is that it has little purpose. Maybe the entire CD can be considered as a soundtrack for a movie. This is the track where some prologue is told. ‘It was 3508 when the aliens arrived….’

03. Infinitude

Opens with a simple but nice melody… until it is repeated ad nauseum. In the past Vangelis his themes were longer which made them ‘easier’ to accept when they repeated. This melody is almost melachonic… almost, except that it doesn’t get there because it is too short. The backing strings and piano on the other hand tell their own story which makes the track again an interesting one. And then it stops. This is definitely a track that is too short, from any perspective.

04. Exo Genesis

Arpeggiators… You got to love’m.  Feels ad impromptu. I’m not a musician but some of the notes felt like they were off.  The backing synth cover helps you through the track. What the hell was the point of this track ? Maybe the least appealing track just because it feels wrong. After listening to it multiple times I always ask myself: is it this track I didn’t like and each time it is.

05. Celestial Whispers

Beautiful melody, again with nice synth backing. And a pizzicato to top it all off. Again TOO SHORT.

06. Albedo 0.06

Great synthline. Lots of bras. If they would only take’m off… This is again the main theme but by now I’m over its apparent simplicity. You can feel the gods and the angels, the obscurity of the unknown and gnosis. There is no way you can listen to this track and not be exported to other places. This is fairly original for Vangelis. There is no track from his that really compares to this one.

07. Sunlight

By now on the CD I’m starting to get used to the dense cloth of backing synths. Maybe some piece of mind would not hurt. Like a simple triangle piece. A couple of piano notes. Like the French dishes. A cherry in the middle of the plate. That is then 50 EUR. I’m am really hoping this track will be like this. E.g: memories of green.

Well this track isn’t what I was hoping for and there actually _is_ some distortion at places. Oh well.. A theatrical piece to let the sun shine. Yet… the sound is not good. There is a lot of jitter in the sampling.

08. Rosetta

Finally a melody which I can acknowledge is a beautiful one that inspires me to listen to more. And the obligatory repetition starts… but that is okay. It is a long melody.

The apparent chaos between the different triangles and plinky-plonky pizzicatos make this track more interesting than the other ones. I might actually like this track a lot.

Woho ! He brings in the trumpets. And for once not overly loud but actually subtly embedded in the sound. Love this.

09. Philaes Descent

Mare Tranquilitates. But then the less chaotic version. In a wacko way I might even start liking this track. A bit how I liked Bachanale as well. (not that the comparison is complete. This is still musically completely mainstream compared to his previous excursion in chaos)

10. Mission Accomplie

Nothing more to say than the title. A heroic ending to a movie. End titles scroll up or down. People go home. Bye bye. Have a nice day. Thanks for watching the movie. Here are some bloopers. And thanks to the families of those people who lost their lives during the stunts. You are all great. Hope you enjoyed the movie. You can still buy popcorn at the exit. Please adjust your eyes to the brightness before going down the staircases.

11. Perihelion

Waah. A hammer straight in the balls (maybe I should work on my metaphors). Nerve center injection into Antartica. Really love it. Danger on the track. In headphones I do hear some distortion. Also love how chaotic this track becomes at the end.

12. Elegy

Melodic, hollow synth, some strings. Most people like this track a lot. It is clearly a well worked out piece. Yet is nothing else but some chamber music.

13. Return to the void

As always with the endings on Vangelis CD’s, this track is polished. Probably the appeal of this track is its equalization and reverb on the low notes. Is almost an underwater track. I wonder how he describes how he made that sound: ‘oh it is just my fishtank with a microphone’

Best tracks

  • Rosetta
  • Albedo 0.06
  • Periphelion
  • Return to the void