Deploying a .NET application

BpmDj… my brainchild… bringing in no money… So I am looking for free tools.


ClickOnce is a technolog by microsoft to easily start and upgrade an application. It is remarkably similar to the packaging solution I created in Java. At start time it will check what is available and download it if the user wants so. I like this.

ClickOnce of course requires ‘code signing’ certificates, which are really difficult to make. And without shelling out money, windows  smartscreen will always copmplain when the application is installed or upgraded. Yet… I will not spend 100EUR/Year just to remove that dialog.

A solution would be to use no installer, and then secretly upgrade the application behind the users back. Nevertheless, even then I will get the ‘untrusted application’ message, so I will assume BpmDj users are smart (they are) and will probably realize that it is pointless to spent so much money on something they will accept anyway.

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