And then it happened. I ditched Firefox

The latest installment of Firefox forces linux users to use Pulseaudio. Pulseaudio is an excuse for a sound pipeline.  It does not work. It is as simple as that.

BpmDj using pulseaudio skips through the audiostream because the java audiodriver apparently cannot keep track of the pulseaudio stream. You would say: yes it it probably a java problem. Not so, many applications, also non java apps, have this problem. has some more ranting on the state of pulseaudio. A must read.

Aside from that, pulseaudio with firefox is a complete CPU hog. Doing nothing in firefox: 47% CPU usage for the Webcontent process. Throw pulseaudio off your system: a mere 9% CPU usage (which I already find too much but you can see how pulseaudio affects my fan life).

Then, there is the problem that the mozilla developers ignore the pleas of their users wrt to this ‘feature/bug’ is a bloody painful read. None of the developers make any sense. It seems like they have all been lobotomized. Their arguments boil down to: ‘yeah, it was easier to program. Fuck you. And BTW, fuck you again. Please, send us your telemetry if you need more help.’ They won’t be getting much telemetry from me anymore. I ditched firefox and switched to the iridium-browser. And my goodness that thing works fast and good.

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