Android storage permissions

I’m an overall unhappy person. What else would you expect if you have to navigate that excuse for an OS, which is called Android.
This time I’m talking Android Storage Permissions.
With each new release they redefine the rules completely. So whatever BpmDj wrote in the past on your device in a _persistent_ storage will no longer be persistent in newer versions. Even the idea that, when your app requests file write permissions, it should actually have them, seems far fetched. No, before you create a directory you have to ask permission to the OS of doing so. Thereby you have to notify the user (depending on the android version) and request the permission at runtime (why do they have a manifest then anyway). Of course you are not allowed to ask for that permission in the application its main routine. No no no no no. You can only ask that permission when the first user interface element is shown. Until then you can gloriously fuck off with that nice idea of creating the necessary directories and database for your app.
Even worse, the user can withdraw that permission at any moment during the run of your application. That means you have to check EVERY BLOODY INSULTING file operation.
Now, you think ‘checking permissions’ is an easy thing to do. Also there you are completely wrong. It can only be done in an asynchronous manner. Yes. Fuck that nice function you had.
The correct answer at gives an idea on how much retardation is exactly involved.

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