C++ sigh

I cannot properly express my hatred towards C++. I really cannot put it into words. You would think that starting a sentence with insults and strong words would do it, but no, it would only appear as a feeble attempt to express how I really feel. A polite ‘fuck you C++’… will only be reciprocated with a ‘fuck you too Werner’. So I’m totally at a loss. Even comparing C++ its complexities and ambiguous sense of morality to Merkel would not do it justice. Sometimes, I feel like I would like to pick up the phone, call Stroustroup, pull him through the cable and have ‘a nice and friendly chat’ with him. Will not do either because he already speaks like the Swedish cook. Maybe the best comparison would be a Kafkaesque interaction between administration trying to rob your of your will to live and you as the victim. I feel as if I want to die.

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