Java join() slow

And there I was thinking that Java would offer an efficient implementation of join on threads. One that would be triggered when a thread signals it had come to an end.

Well… not so. join(0), which means, wait indefintely for the thread, results in a completely braindead while(isAlive()) wait() loop.

public final synchronized void join(long millis)
throws InterruptedException {
    long base = System.currentTimeMillis();
    long now = 0;

    if (millis < 0) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("timeout value is negative");

    if (millis == 0) {
        while (isAlive()) {
    } else {
        while (isAlive()) {
            long delay = millis - now;
            if (delay <= 0) {
            now = System.currentTimeMillis() - base;

To make this work as it should we had to wait for a threadcounter to reach 0 and let each thread lower the threadcounter and call notifyAll. A very tedious process. Why do we have a join if it doesn’t work in a performant manner ?

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