XUnit vs MSTest

After having tested both of them extensively I can draw the following conclusion: MSTest is definitely the winner. Why ?


  • buggy as hell. For a testframework this is kinda weird
  • very very slow
  • really confused about the tests that are available
  • No standard output. Yes I know you can redirect it, still they should not steal my debug output in the first place.
  • Different assertions than MSTest, and they are badly implemented at that (E.g: an assertion finding the content of a collection will simple iterate over all elements. It is truly painful to see how far computer scientists have sunken)
  • crashes VS2019 when in auto-hide
  • Talks about [Theories] and [Facts] instead of [TestMethod], just some ‘cool’ jargon and indeed far removed from reality.


Does not have the same level of ‘we are so cool but can’t program’ fuckery as Xunit

Allthough this post is small, nobody seems to care to say how bad xUnit exactly is.

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